Applications and Solutions

KTM Series pumps are ideal for microbubble flotation, agitating, mixing, and dissolving two media such as gas / liquid or liquid / liquid mixtures for a variety of process applications:

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Processes

    • Separation of water and oil / grease
    • Removal of suspended solids
    • Aerated lagoon
    • Activated sludge
    • Meat processing plant effluent clarification
    • Paper mill recycling process water
    • Pretreatment of kitchen wastewater
    • Paint booth drainage
    • Marine DAF clarification
    • Other DAF treatment / wastewater treatment and systems
    • Use in flotation tanks / flotation cells
    • Use as dissolved air flotation pump (DAF pump)
    • Use as aeration pump
    • Dissolved Gas Flotation (DGF) TOP

Ozonated Water Processes (Dissolved ozone in water)

    • Powerful yet safe oxidation cleansing
    • Deodorize and sanitize locations and objects
    • Fishery and aquaculture / aquafarming
    • Algae treatment in ponds / pools
    • Sterilize and remove pesticides from food products
    • Soil and groundwater remediation
    • Ozone drinking water TOP

Achieve over 90% Dissolution Efficiency with a Single Pass:

Oxygenation (Dissolved oxygen in water)

    • Hydroponic culture and aquaculture
    • Oxidation of iron substances in water
    • Activate aerobic bacteria in aeration tank
    • Prevent degradation of circulation water TOP

Oxygen Rich Water on Strawberry Hydroponics Using Nikuni Microbubble Generation Pumps:

Deoxygenation (Dissolved nitrogen in water)

    • Oxygen removal in beverages (beer, wine, juices, etc.)
    • Deaerate boiler feedwater
    • Degassing for semiconductor production TOP

Microbubble Bath (White Ion Bath)

    • White ion baths for spas, hotels, fitness clubs
    • Surface of water projection screens for hotels, shopping malls, events TOP

Various Gas-Liquid Mixtures

    • Microbubble carbonation of beverages
    • Adding hydrogen to water
    • Dissolve chlorine gas into water TOP

Various Liquid-Liquid Emulsions

    • Create emulsion fuel by mixing oils and solutions
    • Dilute polymer solutions TOP


Teaming up with forward thinking engineering and system suppliers, Nikuni microbubble technology has been providing solutions in a multitude of industries and can be found in end-user clients such as:

Beer breweries

Dairy plants

Livestock, hogs, poultry farms

Frozen food plants

Meat processing plants

Municipal wastewater treatment

Petroleum plants

Paper mills

Textile mills

Pharmaceutical plants

Cosmetics plants

Chemical plants

Semiconductor plants

LCD plants

Marine DAF systems

Electronic parts plants

Automotive plants

Paint shops

Die casting plants

Press shops / rolling mills

Heat-treatment plants


Metal refining and recycling plants

Glass factories

Lens factories

Dye works

Rubber and plastics plants

Carbon plants TOP