Pump Selection

                        Pump Selection Tables 

Standard materials are SCS13/SUS304
SCS14/SUS316 or FC (Cast Iron) also available
(D) Indicates that closed-coupled types also available
(G) Indicates that gland-packing types also available
Assembly Configuration Options
1) Bare Pump
The KTM pump core is available without motor or base. Please contact us with any questions on motor selection or base design.
2) Coupling Type
This configuration includes the bare pump, pump base (channel base), and coupling set with coupling guard. Please contact us with any questions on motor selection.
3) Closed-couple Type
This pump configuration includes an enclosed motor without the base. Motors are three phase TEFC indoor motors 200V to 460V. Closed-couple types are only available within the KTM15 to KTM40 size range. It should be noted that this configuration is only available in certain regions, however please contact us with your special requests and inquiries.
Nozzle Assembly
An inlet nozzle and check valve assebly for the air / gas / secondary liquid line are attached to all models and configurations types and specified to each model size accordingly.
Wetted Materials
Choose from SS304, SS316, or FC (Cast Iron) as the wetted parts materials according to your production needs.
SPECIAL Trial Unit Offer
For your convenience small sized microbubble generator units including necessary components for quick startup (piping, gauges, air flow meter) are packaged together. Please send us your inquires on how to acquire this special trial unit.