Other Technology

Nikuni offers a wide variety of regenerative turbine pumps,
centrifugal pumps, liquid ring vacuum
pumps, and other specialty pumps for a variety of applications. Nikuni's regenerative turbine pumps are precisely designed and manufactured to provide high
pressure solutions in a compact size, simple structure, and unparalleled durability
. Excellent for use with boilers, coolant systems, ultrasonic and parts cleaning, chemicals and a variety of applications. For any questions on these special pumps please contact us.


Both maintains constant pressure and aids in microbubble production
with dissolved air flotation pumps such as the
KTM series. Unlike diffusers or nozzles that are limited to very specific conditions Immatek
valves can produce microbubbles for a very large range of parameters and flow rates without the need to readjust pressure or resize components. One valve to do it all, very new and exciting technology! Please contact us for a short report on this valve versus diffusers.
If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

Immatek Microbubble Pressure Control Valves